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Jerry Herbert

Dr. Jerry S. Herbert (Ph.D., Duke University, Political Science) has a passion for helping followers of Jesus explore and understand their personal, professional, and public commitments in the light of their faith convictions.

As an educator Jerry taught in the areas of politics, policy, leadership, vocation, and citizenship, helping people explore how the advancing stories of God’s rescue and reign (gospel and kingdom) can shape their work and citizenship. Most recently, Jerry concluded service as InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate Faculty Ministries Interim Volunteer Campus Staff at the George Washington University in D.C.  Previously he taught as an adjunct professor of public policy at Pepperdine University's Washington DC Program after serving 28 years directing the American Studies Program for the Council of Christian Colleges & Universities.


Jerry and his wife Jeannie live in Northern Virginia and attend Washington Community Fellowship on Capitol Hill where he serves as an elder.  Jeannie and Jerry have three adult sons and five grandchildren.

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