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Voter Guide

APJ has some exciting news for the 2024 election season! We're launching the APJ VOTER GUIDE in key states. Here's how you can help:


1. Thanks to a generous match, we are on our way to our $25,000 goal! Can you support us with a gift of $50, $200, $500, or even $1000? 



2. Stay connected! In order to share issue updates tailored for your state, we need to know which community you call home. Click here to update your address and learn more about APJ's initiatives in your state.

Featured Issues

Active States

We have teams working in Pennsylvania and Virginia and hope to start work in North Carolina and Michigan.


Why a Voter Guide?

In today's fast-paced, click-bait culture, thoughtful consideration of complex issues through a biblical lens is increasingly rare.


A voter guide will elevate critical issues that impact our neighbors, friends, and family through real conversations with candidates and voters.


Along the way, we will model a Christian approach to politics that replaces fear-mongering with hope, division with collaboration, and hostility with compassion.

Why APJ?

APJ is the action arm of the Center for Public Justice (CPJ). Unlike CPJ, we are a 501(c)4 non-profit.


We help push the thoughtful, deliberate policy work of CPJ across the finish line by mobilizing voters to engage directly with their elected officials.


APJ can produce and distribute voter guides that support particular policies, advocate for or against specific legislation, and even endorse political candidates. 

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