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Engage Justice: 

Political Discipleship 

At a Glimpse... 

A video curriculum that helps train young adults for hopeful political activity 

In order to reform young Christians into a new way of thinking and loving their communities, we need to communicate using media platforms that are accessible and familiar. Holistic transformation requires theologically sound content delivered in a way that will transform hearts and motivate action. Using the “show, tell, do” approach, we plan to develop a series of video learning modules that will tell stories of hopeful political engagement while training participants in a new way of thinking about the intersection of faith and political life that will translate into political activity. 
We need your help. Invest in training the next generation for sustained, hopeful political engagement. 
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Our video budget

High-quality video production costs $2,500 - $5,000 per minute of content. The course consists of 4 video modules, 10-15 minutes each.

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Engage Justice 11_16 (arrastrado).jpg
Engage Justice 11_16 (arrastrado).jpg
Engage Justice 11_16 (arrastrado).jpg

We need your help

Video production costs: $125,000 

Website costs: $3,000

Marketing costs: $10,000 


Total: $138,000

What we have: $5,000

For tax deduction purposes, we ask you to visit the Center for Public Justice if you want to make a donation specifically for Engage Justice. Please fill out this form and follow the link enclosed. 

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