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Our Mission

APJ is a network of communities nationwide that desire to address the justice and injustice of our nation. By establishing formative, prayerful communities that shape a mindset for civic action at all levels of government, action plans can be carried out so our neighborhoods, states, and the world can flourish.

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Our Collective Confession

Called together by the Lord’s grace and mercy, we humbly acknowledge our responsibility for many of the injustices primarily in the United States but also as the US interaction with other countries. 


A false trust in “the people” as the source of political authority and constitutional sovereignty has led our nation to impose the will of some of “the people” in ways that confuse the power of majorities or of minorities with justice. It encourages arrogance, greed, materialism, racism, sexism, cyber-utopianism, oppression of the weak and the poor, individualism, and countless other forms of injustice.

We ask God, through Jesus Christ, to graciously forgive our complicity in political unrighteousness and to give us insight and courage to understand how the greatest commandment to love God and our neighbor has distinct, political implications that call us to establish justice and restrain injustice so all people can enjoy God’s joyful and peaceful purposes for them on earth. With thanksgiving, confession of sin, and prayerful expectation before the Lord, we join this association.

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