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Member Update Call
Member Update Call
Oct 24, 7:00 PM

Congressional Update: Fairness for All

The Equality Act protects LGBTQ+ rights but not religious freedoms. Fairness for All (H.R. 1440) will ensure that both the LGBTQ+ community and people and institutions of all faiths are protected.


Join APJ for a conversation with Stanley Carlson-Thies, director of the Center for Public Justice’s Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, who will give us the latest update on Congressional activity on both The Equality Act (S. 393) and Fairness for All (H.R. 1440), legislation developed in coalition by the Center for Public Justice to protect LGBTQ rights and religious freedom simultaneously, rather than one at the expense of the other.


A time of Q&A will follow, and APJ will outline concrete steps that will help YOU to advocate for Fairness for All.

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