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What's happening... 

State Level

Texas has yet to expand Medicaid to cover mothers for the first 12 months following birth. 

Texas Senators have proposed HB 12. This bill will expand Medicaid to the recommended 12 months of coverage. Current coverage extends up to 60 days postpartum. This small window of coverage leaves many mothers without access to necessary extensive care and opens the door for preventable pregnant related deaths. The passage of this bill will allow more mothers the option to choose life because Medicaid expansion is pro-life.  

The Center for Public Justice and the Association for Public Justice have written a letter to Texas State Senators urging them to expand Medicaid coverage to the full 12 months. Below you will find resources on why expansion is so important and what you can do to help. 

Federal Level

APJ continues to seek champions for Paid Family Leave and Medicaid in alignment with CPJ's Families Valued initiative. Check back for updates. 


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