Jessica Joustra

Jessica Joustra (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary, Vrije Universiteit) is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Theologische Universiteit Kampen and Visiting Scholar in Reformed Ethics at Redeemer University College. She earned a Masters of Divinity from Calvin Theological Seminary and a B.A. from Calvin College. She is an editor and translator of Herman Bavinck’s Reformed Ethics: Created, Fallen, and Converted Humanity (2019), Herman Bavinck's Reformed Ethics: The Duties of the Christian Life (forthcoming), and co-editor of Introducing Abraham Kuyper's Lectures on Calvinism (forthcoming).


She now lives in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada). In addition to her service as a trustee on the APJ board, she serves as Chair of the Board for the Center for Public Justice.

+1 (202) 503 - 9337

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