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Carol Veldman Rudie

Carol Veldman Rudie has been a long-time member of APJ's sister organization, the Center For Public Justice. She regularly credits her involvement in Minnesota public advocacy on the perspective she gained through personal connections and thoughtful conversations facilitated by her involvement with CPJ.

As a result, she found herself on the boards and speakers' bureaus of various advocacy groups looking to create more just funding sources for education. This included founding and long-term membership on the Minnesota Nonpublic Education Council at the Mn Department of Education. 


When election improvement initiatives created FairVoteMinnesota, she became a board member and campaigned for the implementation of ranked-choice voting in Minneapolis and St. Paul.  Continued work on the issue finds her speaking, writing, and advocating for state-wide adoption of election system reform. Currently, she is looking to become active on policing and incarceration issues. Her advocacy efforts have included writing articles for CPJ newsletters, serving as social justice editor of The Banner, and writing history articles for Gods World Publications. 


She describes herself as a "justice seeker" and encourages other Christians to understand that seeking justice is not an option but a discipleship requirement.  She values APJ and CPJ because they lead the Christian community in giving foundational insight into the meaning of justice in the public square.  Helping APJ strengthen the Christian advocacy potential brings joy to her life.

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